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“What is most important here is the recovery. If you recover well, you can train more.”


After hearing about the benefits of CBD products, Omran contacted Hamppumaa and proposed cooperation. The company approached the matter with an open mind and the cooperation started almost immediately with the testing of the products. Since then, Omran has been using CBD to feel better. 1.5 years later, Hamppumaa interviewed Omran about his CBD experiences and found out what all the products have helped him with. You can watch the entire interview here .


In order to succeed in competitions, the most important thing for a freelancer is that he can recover quickly. Now Omran has been using Sana’s CBD products for a couple of years. He has mostly used Cannabis Sativa Oil , Hemp juice capsules and Tincture . He uses CBD specifically for recovery. The competition is tough and to succeed you have to train 2-3 times a day.

The body is strained so much that sometimes you can’t sleep. You know when the heart beats all the time. The only way I’ve been able to get it treated is CBD. I get such a good recovery here and my joints don’t feel as stiff as they used to. You will notice the difference right away… I was a little skeptical about this at first, but when I started using it, I noticed a difference.

CBD tincture and oil – how much is needed?

After starting to use Cannabis Sativa Tincture along with training, Omran says he noticed a big difference right away. Later, after starting to use Cannabis Sativa Oil, he credits the product as a game changer. Omran found the oil stronger, which also helped him sleep better. Oil has become Omran’s favorite product. He dispenses 15 drops of it at once.


“Now I sleep and get a deep sleep.”


In addition to the oil, Omran takes CBD-A hemp juice capsules in the morning. The capsules give him a good start in the morning, without relaxing him too much. After training, he uses the oil to recover and also takes it in the evening to deepen sleep a couple of hours before going to bed. Before CBD products, Omran couldn’t sleep properly.

“I always woke up 4-5 times a night quite easily and I had the problem that my heart was beating all the time. I never had a deep sleep.”. According to him, the CBD products really eased the situation significantly. They help to calm down and he no longer wakes up at night. “Now I’m sleeping. I get a deep sleep.“. A competitive athlete who is in good shape in his life emphasizes how important deep sleep is”. “It’s so hard to train if your body can’t take it. The most important thing here is the recovery. If you recover well, you can train more.”. Omran usually trains a whopping 12-13 times a week.

At first, people around Omran wondered about using the products. After a while, everyone else in the industry wanted to start using CBD products to feel better and recover faster. CBD products have become popular especially among competitive athletes.

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