LAUNCHING TODAY | The Global Cannabis Report: 4th Edition
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Prohibition Partners are excited to announce the release of The Global Cannabis Report: 4th Edition. The legal cannabis industry in different regions worldwide displays recognizable patterns in industry development, regulations, and market activities. Throughout the past year, each region has followed a similar path of development, staying consistent with previous years’ trends.

North America remains a dominant force in the legal cannabis industry, with strong growth at the state level, promising regulatory changes, and US isolationism. Canada also maintains a strong international presence despite challenges in the domestic market.

Europe is characterized by a fragmented and heavily regulated business environment, with steady growth in key countries and progress towards adult-use legalization. The region faces ongoing legal uncertainties surrounding CBD.

Latin America and Africa are gradually emerging as supply sources for the global cannabis industry, with limited patient access. Oceania is a significant market for both imports and exports. Asia’s potential remains largely untapped, with a few pioneering countries like Thailand and Japan.

Despite the slow pace of change, progress is evident in various regions, including increased product access, market integration, sales growth, regulatory standardization, improved product quality, and growing public support for cannabis reform.

The report highlights key takeaways for each region, such as the growth of medical and adult-use cannabis markets in North America, developments in Europe’s adult-use industry, the expanding cannabis market in Oceania, progress in Latin America’s cannabis industry, challenges and opportunities in Africa, and the evolving landscape of Asia’s cannabis market.

The Global Cannabis Report: 4th Edition is now available for free download. Special thanks to our sponsors, including Rokshaw Laboratories, for their support in making this report possible. Without their contributions, this research would not have been feasible. Download your copy now to explore the latest developments in the global cannabis industry.


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