CBD Gummies 300 mg 30 pcs


CBD Gummies 300 mg 30 pcs

29.99 inc. VAT

CBD Gummies 300mg  will bring you all the benefits of the plant-based compound in a fun and tasty way. Each tub contains 30 CBD Gummies, 15 CBD gummies are lemon flavoured and 15 CBD gummies are green apple flavoured with each individual gummy containing 10mg of CBD.

Product Details: Serving size: 1 gummy, CBD content per serving: 10 mg, Servings per container: 30.

CBD Gummies

29.99 inc. VAT

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Step into the realm of excitement with CBD gummies – a truly delightful way to incorporate your daily dose of CBD.

Crafted from premium quality Broad-Spectrum CBD extract, these CBD gummies offer a pathway to embrace the holistic wellness benefits of hemp-based compounds. Each gummy, adorned with the vibrant flavors of lemon and green apple, comes as a testament to our Reakiro colors, promising both sweetness and refreshment in every bite.

Suggested Daily Consumption: As a dietary supplement, take 1 (one) or 2 (two) gummies daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Product Details: Serving size: 1 gummy, CBD content per serving: 10 mg, Servings per container: 30.

Optimal CBD Gummy Experience

Embark on your CBD journey with 1-2 gummies per day, each containing 10mg of CBD. If you’re new to CBD, start with one gummy to gauge its effects. Gradually increase your dosage by either adding another gummy or opting for a different product from our gummy range with a higher CBD content, like CBD Gummies 750 mg.

Indulge in the Slow Release

Choose CBD gummies for a leisurely experience that unveils CBD’s natural benefits through fruity flavors. Unlike capsules or tinctures, CBD gummies offer a gradual, enjoyable absorption process.

Convenience in Every Gummy

The compact size of CBD gummies makes them a fantastic on-the-go option. Easily slip them into your bag or car for quick access to your daily CBD intake. Many individuals integrate CBD gummies into their daily routine to enhance overall well-being and mental clarity.

Customer Insights on CBD Gummies

Customer reviews often reveal these key points about CBD gummies:

  • Ease of consumption
  • Convenient – no need for water
  • Enhanced taste experience
  • Precise dosage control

Embrace the Natural Goodness

Mirroring the exceptional quality of our other premium CBD products, Reakiro presents these CBD-infused gummies. Bursting with natural goodness and flavor, these gummies encapsulate the essence of our brand.

Join the CBD Revolution Today

Experience the CBD revolution firsthand with Reakiro’s remarkable, natural, and incredibly tasty 10mg CBD gummies.

Storage: Avoid refrigeration. Store away from excessive heat, light, and humidity.

Caution: Adhere to recommended daily dosage. This product is not intended for pregnant or lactating individuals. If you have medical concerns or take medications, consult a healthcare practitioner before use. In case of adverse reactions or discomfort, discontinue use and seek medical guidance. Keep out of reach of children and pets. This food supplement should not replace a balanced diet.

Discover the extraordinary possibilities of CBD gummies with Linna Organics as an esteemed reseller in the CBD hemp landscape.

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